Music in Worship

ChoirMusic is a vital part of worship at Our Savior. Solos, ensembles, adult choir, and children’s choir all play a part in enriching services conducted at Our Savior.

The Role of Choir

The role of the choir at Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church is meaningful and very much in keeping with confessional Lutheranism. Prior to Martin Luther’s time, the congregation did not participate in singing; the choir was an “official” and elite arm of the church’s leadership. The Protestant Reformation changed that, however, and besides encouraging all people to read the Scriptures also encouraged all believers to sing—and not in Latin but in their own common language! A radical change! The first people’s hymnal of 1524 had eight hymns in it, and because the printed word was expensive in those times, that hymnal first went to the church choir—but only so the choir could teach the hymns to the congregation.

At Our Savior we try to maintain the choir’s teaching role. We may introduce a new hymn to the congregation, highlight the season of the church year or the Scripture readings with a special anthem, or enrich the liturgy by taking an active part in the responses. We have no desire to entertain or to take on the role of a “show choir.” We seek only to encourage the congregation in worship so that all glory goes to God.

Generally, the choir rehearses from September through May for 45 minutes after church every Sunday except the third Sunday of the month. We have a great group of about twelve people with varying degrees of musical abilities. Some can solo and others are still learning how to read music on the page. No matter. The Our Savior choir is for anyone of high school age or older that loves to sing, and it’s a true “labor of love”—love for music, love for our church family, but especially love for our Savior God. We sing year round for the seasons of the church year including Advent and Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, as well as special festivals such as Reformation and Thanksgiving. Please join us at any rehearsal. We love welcoming new members!